Thank you for bringing our agenda from strategy day back into sharp focus.  Speaking on behalf of the Executive Board, we found the techniques you employed on strategy highly effective. They have enabled the Executive Board to work in a more connected manner, be even more decisive in terms of prioritisation and confront issues that need to be addressed in a decisive manner.

Janet, President, Women in Banking & Finance - WIBF

Obi helped us to develop of a new strategic plan, individual and collective visions for the Royal African Society (RAS). Having an external facilitator of Obi’s calibre and experience certainly made a difference from doing it in-house and I have no doubt that we will use her services again.

Richard, Deputy Director, Royal African Society - RAS

Obi and her associate did more than strengthen our collaboration. We walked away with a clear sense of purpose, enhanced creativity, excellent ideas, a better understanding of our team dynamics and a collectively-designed agreement on how we would support one another whilst staying fully committed to our team goals.

Niina, Deputy Chief Pharmacist, NHS

Obi clearly has a solid understanding of the Investment Banking business
which lends itself to a level of awareness of the challenges and culture,
and ultimately results in solutions that are fit-for-purpose.

Gwen, Senior Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

She helped us scratch behind the surface of our work and really strengthen our relationships.
Obi’s work is not for the faint-hearted.
We all had to be brave together as a team.

Jeanette Bain-Burnett, Head of Community Engagement, Greater London Authority

Liberate the collective leadership in your team

Whether your team needs help navigating change, improving client service or developing a clear strategy, we’re here to help. Today’s workplace is tricky to navigate. Ever increasing expectations, fewer resources and multiple initiatives all add to the pressures.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s work together to grow your connections, fuel collaboration and unleash shared leadership in your team.

We’ll lay strong foundations for a high-performing team where creativity flourishes and everyone is aligned, thus boosting morale AND productivity.



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Obi James Accreditations
Obi James Accreditations
Obi James Accreditations

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