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I specialise in facilitating shared leadership, helping leaders, teams and groups achieve better, sustainable results by transforming HOW they work together to ensure that they maximise their resources. I have 15 years experience of successfully designing and delivering people, leadership and team development programmes to hundreds of business leaders and teams across large multinational organisations like Deloitte, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Northern Trust. My experiences taught me that when high-performing individuals come together, they often do not make high-performing teams. Competition, unhealthy conflict and lack of alignment get in the way of collaboration, effective decision-making, productivity and client service. Since setting up my consultancy firm in 2010, I have studied neuroleadership, deepening my understanding of the neuroscience of collaboration, decision making, and change management. I am a Certified Team Performance Coach and a Certified Organisational and Relationship Systems Coach through CRR Global. In 2015, I joined CRR Global's Faculty and now train leaders, HR professionals and coaches on systemic thinking and team dynamics, helping them to transform their organisational cultures. In addition to facilitating a number of team development journeys at any given time, I am also an Organisational Development & Quality Improvement Coach for the NHS developing their leaders, in-house coaches and teams so they can work better together to unpick challenges, get joy back in their workplaces and cope with the demands of the public and the government. My other clients include various executives and teams within organisations such as the Mayor of London’s teams, Bloomberg, TSB, Barclays, Lloyds, Farfetch, Save the Children and Royal African Society. My big dream is to build a network of systems-inspired leaders and change agents that will create sustainable change in Africa, helping the continent to maximise its vast resources.

Unhappy at Work? Here’s Your Solution

So you're not happy. Your job sucks. Your creativity is stifled by the boss or colleague that feels threatened, or by all the unnecessary bureaucracy. You hate your boss. Your salary or your bonus [...]

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