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I am a culture change consultant and executive coach who specialises in creating a culture of shared leadership within organisations - often starting by employing my VIBE methodology to help leadership teams align around their vision, identity, behaviors and engagement - of all stakeholders, but most importantly of their people. I strongly believe that your leaders and leadership team's ways of working with one another shape your culture. With 15 years’ experience of successfully developing leaders, teams and organisations such as NHS, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Greater London Authority, National Grid and Northern Trust, my methods have been designed to drive inclusion so that organisations can get the best out of their people and unleash the power of the collective - not just that of individuals. By pooling individual capabilites, my team and I strengthen workplace relationships leading to more effective communication, decision-making and collaboration - as all voices (particularly the marginalised ones who often deliver greater insight, creativity and innovation) are re-engaged and empowered to challenge the status quo.

Unhappy at Work? Here’s Your Solution

So you're not happy. Your job sucks. Your creativity is stifled by the boss or colleague that feels threatened, or by all the unnecessary bureaucracy. You hate your boss. Your salary or your bonus [...]

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