Power Partnerships

Power Partnerships


Power Partnerships

“It’s complicated…”. If we had a penny for every time we’ve heard that about a relationship.

Bringing individual viewpoints to relationships is what makes them exciting and helps them flourish. The flip side is that sometimes those differences lead to disagreements that get in between you and your goals. We can help.

We see healthy conflict as a catalyst for positive change.

Our Power Partnerships programme uses relationship coaching to strengthen the way you relate and defuse tensions, making your partnership more collaborative and ultimately more successful.


You and your partner would benefit from relationship coaching if any of the following sounds familiar.

You can’t agree how to move forward.
Your relationship challenges are affecting other people.
Your disagreements have gotten in the way of your shared interests/vision.
You need to plan for or are already going through complex change.
You need to co-create a common purpose and/or vision.

What will you get out of it?

Learn to appreciate each other’s individuality, strengths and views.
Explore areas of insecurity and mistrust.
Develop tools and skills to navigate existing and future disagreements.
Reconnect (or connect) over a shared vision for your relationship/ partnership/ business.

Could this be the answer to your partnership challenges? Get in touch today.

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