Leader As Coach

Leader As Coach

What is the programme about

What is the programme about?

The Leader as Coach Programme is designed for experienced managers and leaders seeking to enhance their effectiveness and foster sustainable high performance by not just building, but harnessing diversity. Drawing inspiration from Obi James’ influential book, “Let Go Leadership,” this programme embodies the principles of inclusive leadership that Obi has championed throughout her extensive work.

Leaders are invited to embark on a transformative journey guided by Obi’s wealth of expertise, insights, and strategies—a roadmap to unlock excellence in navigating challenges within an ever-evolving professional landscape. Ultimately, it aims to cultivate inclusive and high-performing cultures of shared leadership and empowered relationships, where every individual can thrive.


You would benefit from this programme if any of the following sound familiar. You would like to:

Foster a more inclusive and collaborative work environment
Enhance your team's creativity, innovation, and problem-solving capabilities
Improve communication and trust within your team
Embrace diverse perspectives and talents to drive organisational success
Transition from directive to a coaching leadership approach
Create a culture that encourages individual growth and leadership potential
Let go of control and empower your team to take ownership of their roles
Achieve a better work-life balance by distributing leadership responsibilities

What will you get out of it?

Acquire practical coaching skills to fuel your team's development
Enhance your ability to listen actively and empathetically
Improve your emotional intelligence and self-awareness as a leader
Learn techniques to effectively delegate and empower team members
Cultivate a leadership approach that promotes employee engagement and satisfaction

Adaptable to meet your organisation’s specific needs and time constraints, this advanced leadership development programme equips your leaders with the skills needed to harness the diversity within your teams. From talent retention and succession planning to fostering sustainable success, our programme ensures that your leaders are prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities of today’s dynamic business environment.

We have successfully completed the pilot of the ‘Leader As Coach’ programme and will commence rolling it out to various companies starting September 2024. If you’re interested in implementing this within your organisation, please click the “wait-list” button to express your interest.

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