Our Approach

Our Approach

At Obi James Consultancy, we specialise in creating inclusive cultures of shared leadership and empowered relationships where every individual can thrive. We know that when your culture is liberating, leadership is inspired in all and innovation happens.

Through shared leadership and co-responsibility, your people become agents for positive change throughout your organisation and beyond.

It’s about communication
We create safe spaces for constructive conversations where every perspective, however marginalised, is heard.
It’s about mutual respect
Healthy conflict is constructive. We ensure your people confidently build from their differences without a fear of damaging relationships.
It’s about collaboration
Who knows which relationship would unleash your next innovation? We work with you to fuel co-creation and reduced individual agendas.
It’s about empowerment
The age of the hero “boss” is over. Why not make life less stressful for those at the top and inspire leadership in everyone?
It’s about the challenge
We drive even the highest performing teams further so they continue to innovate and flourish.

Learn more about our SHARE Leadership approach to creating inclusive organisational cultures.

Our Promise

Our relationships with our clients mean everything to us. We build strong, trusting partnerships that go beyond business transactions. This means that with a good balance between support and challenge, we can have honest conversations that fuel your creativity and inspire action.

We are committed to developing leadership and relationship capabilities to deliver on your strategic priorities.

We promise to:

Liberate the leadership in your organisation by normalising constructive conversations and strengthening relationships.
Equip you with the right tools to empower your people and unleash their talent so they consistently perform at their best, and deliver breakthrough results.
Embed a culture of collaboration and trust by developing leaders who role model integrity, authenticity and service. Leaders who are able to look beyond their own personal agendas to create cultures of innovation, inclusion, and growth that drives long lasting change.
Our SHARE Leadership Approach