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The Book


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In this book, I demonstrate that a truly inclusive world can only become a reality when we can all unreservedly embrace the diversity of those around us. It is not enough just to surround yourself with a diverse team: only through inclusive leadership will you be able to successfully harness the collective wisdom, creativity and talent that diversity offers.

This book is for you if you:

Are an experienced leader whose business is growing and challenging you in different ways.
Feel held back by limited resources.
Feel like your diversity efforts are not creating the value you expect.
Need your teams to step up and take more responsibility for your collective success.
Worry about letting go and sharing power.
Struggle with employee engagement, absenteeism and talent retention.
Are drained by leadership, stressed and close to burnout.

Obi’s book ‘Let Go Leadership’ offers powerful and compelling insights and sets us on a path of self-exploration and reflection, gently nudging us to the fascinating SHARE leadership framework and offering ways in which this can be sustained, all of which is geared to make leaders inclusive. In doing so, she makes an important distinction between diversity and inclusion, challenges many of our current thinking, approaches and practices on leadership and makes the reader feel comfortable in reflecting on their own leadership journeys, by offering a wide range of insights as a leader and as a coach.

In today’s world, this is a refreshing and radical relook at leadership and hence a must-read for every leader who seeks to be inclusive and impactful”.

Girish Menon – CEO, STIR Education | Recognised as one of the 25 most influential CEOs by the Charity Times 2019 | Top 10 Charity Champions in Global Diversity List 2020

I read Let Go Leadership just before starting my first managing director role, and I couldn’t think of a more useful book to prepare me for building trust with and empowering my leadership team. I’d recommend this to any new senior leader.

Lisa Anderson, Managing Director, Black Cultural Archives

“Through Let Go Leadership, Obi shares the insights and experiences that have resulted in her unique understanding of leaders and the dynamics of effective teams. As someone who has developed and worked with both small and large teams, the need to let go in a healthy and considered way resonated with me.

The profiles around leadership archetypes helped me to understand my style of leadership and to recognise that I personally span several of the categories. With this awareness comes an opportunity to evolve and develop.

This book will challenge you as a leader and, ultimately, as a person.”

Neil Rodford, former Group CEO, YMU, and Executive Director, Voly Music

“This is the book that I have long been waiting for. In Let Go Leadership, Obi James guides you through an abundance of development tools and invites you to self-explore via the leadership archetypes. She also offers guidance on how to overcome limitations by sharpening self-awareness and applying her SHARE Leadership method.

This book will lead you on a liberating journey to discover and trust your inner pioneer. Obi invites you to reflect and reset, helping your transition to fully inclusive and sustainable Let Go Leadership. Challenge yourself and the status quo – be a rebel with a cause.’

Melanie Grabe, Director, Head of Corporate Access, Deutsche Bank

“As an experienced leader, it isn’t often that a leadership book makes me stop, think, re-read and reflect – but Let Go Leadership did just that. Obi has managed to write down what many leaders are feeling and thinking daily, and also give them a set of tools that are clear, practical and easy to implement. In a space where we often overcomplicate, it is so refreshing to find a simple but effective guide that can work for all styles of leadership and experience levels. I challenge any leader to read this and not find a paragraph that could have been written for them.”

Melanie Seymour, Advisory Board, Women in Banking & Finance

“Key to the success of Let Go Leadership is access to many years of real-life experience through Obi James’ extensive work in this field. Powerful insights across a wide range of business models are shared with practical key lessons, tools and techniques in an easy-to-read format.

This, combined with a deep understanding of global shifts in the workplace, makes the book essential for today’s thought leaders.”

Taponeswa Mavunga, Director of Africa at Sony Music UK
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