Obi recently participated in a virtual panel discussion at Microsoft with an impressive audience of 229 participants from around the globe.

Obi effortlessly created a safe environment for open discussions, allowing for a candid sharing of experiences and wisdom regarding the initial struggles of starting a book-writing journey. It was inspiring to witness her ability to engage with the audience and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with members applauding Obi’s profound knowledge and expertise.

Lily Satterthwaite
Regional Lead at Microsoft | Global Technical Women Committee Lead & Asians ERG Board Member | TEDxLondon TEAMx | Founder of Care, Share & Inspire, STEM Mentor #SocialMobility | Exec MBA & Women’s Club Cofounder @Quantic

The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), UK Chapter sought an experienced and knowledgeable professional to speak to and facilitate discussions with its members at its Quarterly meeting. The Topic of choice was ‘Succeeding in Today’s Hybrid Workplace’.

Obi James did an excellent job at asking us thought-provoking questions, sharing her knowledge and refining & redefining our thoughts through her insightful presentation and facilitation.

The feedback received from the attendees has been amazing with members applauding her depth and breadth of knowledge and leaving better equipped to serve as leaders in the emerging hybrid workplace.

Stella Nse Okuzu
Stella Okuzu (Social Secretary and Member of the Executive Committee of CIBN UK Chapter)

If you need a good head to help provide you with mind searching thinking that can provoke the best of you then Obi is your person. The very first session with her is still reverberating in my day to day activities today

Tomi Davies
Collaborator-in-Chief (CiC) at TVC Labs
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Obi James facilitated 2 strategy days for the Royal African Society, which really helped us to grow and reflect collectively as a team.

Obi’s approach is very unique and holistic – she uses creative tools and exercises that promote team-building and help bring clarity of vision and purpose. Her team work has a transforming and lasting impact on both the individuals and the organisation as a whole.

I also received some leadership development coaching from Obi when I first became a senior manager at the Royal African Society, which enabled me to really step into my new role.

I would highly recommend her services and we shall continue to draw on her expertise in the future. In fact, we valued Obi’s contributions so much that we put her forward to be elected as a Council Member and Trustee of the Royal African Society in 2019, which means she is now an integral part of our charity’s strategic development and future direction.

Sheila Ruiz
Deputy Director, Royal African Society (RAS)

Obi’s first league facilitating skills shaped us, IQPC Finance Transformation Summit & Corporate Finance Executives 2016 participants into open-hearted and open-minded individuals straight in the very first 5 minutes of the event. The remaining 2 hours were run with the same constant level of energy, finely tuned to the mood of the audience, with Obi being always with us, encouraging and manoeuvring with a natural grace and ease.

Group dynamics, outputs of our discussions and her agenda created a monolithic structure, where the content simply slipped into our heads and remained there for good. I truly believe that Obi was prepared to present every single topic in a few possible ways and no distraction existed that could threaten her skills and objectives as workshop leader. These things contributed to my 100% satisfaction and I am positive they shall promise the same with regards to her any future projects.

Beata Rodzoch
Finance Lead, Head of Finance

Obi’s workshop on Self-Leadership and Career Progression was absolutely wonderful. It provides practical perspectives to my own professional development (what I want, why I want it, how I can get there). Her activities are meaningful and fun, aiding me to gain a deeper (self) reflection into my professional vision. I felt empowered, connected and hopeful.

Dr Kyara Rojas-Bustos
Critical Learning and Original Thinking. BEd, MA Ling, PGCE, PhD

Obi provides a great balance between encouragement and challenge. She has been my valued companion during a testing period. Her approach ensures a clear perspective and continued progress but is also flexible enough to adapt to bumps in the road. I will be keeping in touch!

Kirsten Giles
Chief Executive Officer at MedicAlert

I have had two coaches before who had helped me achieve great goals, and I was thus hesitant of getting a third coach. However, when I started coaching sessions with Obi I began to realise what an excellent coach she was. She is highly professional as evidenced by her well organised systematic approach to coaching. Every meeting with her has been objective and outcome based, building up my capacity to attain my goals and gradually strengthening my confidence as a leader.

For example, prior to the first meeting Obi advised me to fill in a template reflecting on my current leadership style and setting goals for my desired leadership style. During the first meeting, we discussed my objectives , expected outcomes and firmed them up, following which we met with my line manager to discuss his expectations and expected outcomes of the coaching. For my next meeting Obi conducted an online leadership practices assessment, soliciting responses from over 14 of my peers, direct reports, line manager and other colleagues.

This generated a very comprehensive report with analysis on how I model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act, and encourage the heart. This report has helped me realise my strengths and limitations, and has helped me begin strengthening some areas of my leadership. For example, I am now more able to challenge processes and to assert myself in a positive way.

Obi has been a pleasure to work with and has great interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend Obi to anyone who is looking to improve on their leadership skills.

Emily E.
Deputy Head of Education/Senior Education Adviser, Save the Children

I worked with Obi, who supported me on some specific Personal Development goals, for a little over a year, and was hugely impressed.

I found Obi to be an engaging and articulate person. She really helped me to get under the skin of my development objectives, to understand what was holding me back, and to build strategies that help me to advance in areas where I had previously not progressed my development as much as I would have liked.

Obi’s approach was a perfect balance between “supportive” and “challenging”, holding me accountable for my own development whilst helping to nudge me towards thinking about things that I otherwise wouldn’t have considered.

I particularly liked the breadth of tools and techniques that Obi had a great understanding of, with her ability to explain the science / logic behind human behaviour really enlightening, and helpful in framing my understanding of behaviours that I personally exhibit.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Obi again in the future, and would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone looking for support in their personal and professional development should have an initial conversation with her.

Nick Smith
Chief Lending & Product Officer, UK

A massive thank you to Obi for the coaching. It has really made me rethink my attitude to external coaching given the value I have taken from everyone in our sessions.

I have really developed on a number of different fronts – from how I interact with senior/GEC level executives in my organisation to setting up and interacting with my team at a more practical level.

I went into this experience slightly cynical but with Obi’s brilliant questioning/encouragement and explanation (the neuroscience concept really resonated with me) and emerged completely converted.

John Rankin
Director, Community Banking & Specialist Brands, Risk Division at Lloyds Banking Group

My team had never worked with a systems coach before, so there was a bit of fear of the unknown bringing Obi James Consulting in. We asked Obi to facilitate an away day with us to support us in thinking through some of the day to day challenges we face, managing a heavy workload with demanding stakeholders. We also wanted to strengthen our long term strategy, despite working in an environment in which priorities change a lot. Obi managed to maintain a clear structure while being responsive to our needs and even our mood. Her focus on ‘what’s emerging’ helped us to feel free to explore more possibilities and solutions than we ever have. As a result, we felt energised, hopeful and we had genuinely bonded as a team. We also left the session with a clear plan which felt authentic and true to our vision. We loved Obi’s mix of challenge and playfulness.

I would recommend Obi to any team who’s serious about making their working environment more human. She helped us scratch behind the surface of our work and really strengthen our relationships. Obi’s work is not for the faint-hearted. We all had to be brave together as a team.

Jeanette Bain-Burnett
Executive Director, Policy and Integrity at Sport England

Obi worked with us at ActionAid UK to design and deliver a bespoke ‘Constructive Conversations’ workshop as part of a wider programme of work to embed ActionAid’s Feminist Leadership Principles.

This workshop has now reached nearly 200 employees helping them to recognise how they and others show up when being or feeling challenged in their relationships, and equipping them with the tools to handle disagreements more constructively.

Obi’s positivity, openness and personable nature alongside her professional expertise made her a true pleasure to work with. Her neuroscience background, understanding of human behaviour, ability to safely diagnose development needs and create bespoke solutions was exemplary; and she left us with tools that will serve us both in our workplace and beyond.

I’d recommend her to anyone wanting support improving leadership and relationships in the workplace.

Catherine G.
Senior Learning & Development Specialist | 1:1 ICF Coach | HR Generalist | Mental Health First Aider

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