Have You Asked For Open Feedback?


Have You Asked For Open Feedback?

Anonymous surveys like 360 multi-raters and employee engagement surveys mean that organisations have come a long way when it comes to getting feedback from their people. As a certified facilitator of a range of assessments, I certainly find them invaluable for sourcing multiple and diverse views, especially as part of our Needs Analysis process. However, do not underestimate the value of ALSO creating safe spaces and opportunities for two-way, open conversations with your people. I often find that one of the impactful ways I strengthen organisational culture is by busting the myths about what’s going on at leadership team level or across the organisation. Better still, I facilitate constructive conversations between individuals, in teams or between teams, so relationships are strengthened.

So, questions for leaders:

  • What opportunities do you create for your people to have honest, open (even if sometimes, difficult) feedback conversations with you?
  • How safe and confident do they feel to speak up?
  • How do you regularly check that your intentions match your impact

Let me know if you would like an informal chat about your current feedback processes and some tips on how to enhance them.

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