Survivor Guilt


Survivor Guilt

Just because someone’s job or life is seemingly unaffected by Covid-19 doesn’t mean that they are okay. In recent work with individuals and teams, I have spoken to a number of people who feel that they do not have a right to express feelings of loss or sadness because they have not been directly impacted. Survivor Guilt is an issue that we explore when we run outplacement programmes as part of redundancy support for organisations. The common misconception can be that employees who have kept their jobs will be feeling relieved. What we know is that relief can be very short-term – particularly following stressful and painful processes that have impacted colleagues and friends. Where ignored or not addressed, the impact can be seen as engagement and productivity wane with time.

  • Leaders, have you considered tackling Survivor Guilt as part of your engagement strategy now and post-Covid-19? Keep an eye on everyone.

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